What is the Rat & Mouse Lure Pouch?

The Rat and Mouse Lure Pouch is a 200g pouch of our non toxic Goodnature long-lasting lure for rats and mice.

The lure can be used to pre-feed the area around your trap to encourage rats toward your trap and away from any competing food sources.  This is especially helpful if you have a complex trapping site where rats and mice have had access to a competing food source.  If you pre-feed around your trap, rats and mice will have a greater chance of finding and trying the lure, and get used to the lure as a food source.  Once they have a taste for it, rats and mice will seek out more - which they'll find in your trap!

The Rat and Mouse Lure Pouch has a shelf life of 2 years.  It’s best stored somewhere out of direct sunlight. 

Take a look at this helpful article for more information about how to pre feed your trap.

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