Why you should prefeed

Wondering what pre-feeding is or why you need to do it? 

Pre-feeding encourages rats and mice toward your trap and away from any competing food sources. The best way to do this is by squeezing around ten ‘pea sized’ dollops of lure from our Rat Lure Pouch to the area around your A24 trap(s).

By pre-feeding using the Lure Pouch, you're increasing the amount of lure in the pest's environment. This means the chances they'll encounter it increase and they grow a taste for it as a safe food source.  

Food competition is the biggest barrier to success. Things like compost bins, dog biscuit bags, food stores and poultry feeders all provide excellent food sources for rats. Removing access to these is the first step in successful trapping.  For tips on how to remove food competition take a look at this great article: Link to Complex trapping site

The more a pest approaches and smells something new in their environment (like the lure in and around your trap), the more comfortable they become with it, and seek it out... which is when they’ll find it in your Goodnature A24 Trap.

Goodnature Rodent Detector Cards also act as pre-feed for rodents, as does the lure that’s dispensed from your Automatic Lure Pump in the A24 Trap.  The Goodnature Rat and Mouse Lure Pouch is an easy way to pre-feed the site further, and more frequently, a must in situations where there is high food competition.  

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