Why you should pre-feed first

By pre-feeding with a lure pouch, we're increasing the amount of lure in the pest's environment so they're more likely to encounter it, and grow a taste for it as a food source. Food competition is the biggest barrier to success, so as well as pre-feeding your trap, try to reduce food competition as much as possible by following the steps in our article about eliminating other food sources here.

The more a pest approaches and smells something new in their environment (like the lure in and around your trap), the more comfortable they become with it, and more likely they are to seek it out. Goodnature Rodent Detector Cards also act as pre-feed for rodents, as does the lure that’s dispensed from your Automatic Lure Pump in the A24 Trap.

How do I pre-feed?

1. Place ten small dots of lure from our Rat Lure Pouch around the entrance of your A24 trap(s). This increases the food available to your resident pests. 

2. Repeat this for five days. This builds their preference for the lure (yes, even pests have food preferences) and habit in visiting the trap(s) to eat. They get familiar with the interaction and get used to having the trap in their environment. 

3. Stop using the rat lure pouch. Now the only way your animals can access the lure is by entering the trap(s). 

4. Success! You’ve improved your chances of trapping those pests. You should see pests now begin to engage with your trap. If you’re using a Digital Strike Counter, you’ll be able to see the numbers add up and track the kills you’re having. 

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